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  The Social Field: People and the British Countryside  

Look to the Hills

by Markus Aranko

What does a landscape like this owe to farming? Hear Ken Parker explain
[image courtesy of the PDNPA]

Farmland is not just a part of the British landscape, it is the very basis of its heritage and environment. Yet the system that currently governs those rolling fields could ruin them forever. It is a daunting bureaucracy that is turning its farmers into office workers. Many debates on many levels have been devoted to saving the rural way of life, but there is one project that could provide a clear, simple solution.

In his office in the Peak District National Park Authority, just outside the quaint town of Bakewell, Project Manager Ken Parker has been busy fleshing out a radical pilot scheme that could prove once and for all that the way we currently treat our farmers and environment need not be the way for the future. It is called the Peak District Land Management Initiative, or PDLMI.