The Social Field: People and the British Countryside
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These articles examine different aspects of farming and the countryside in the UK. We look at people and their problems and the many ways they are tackled.

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Sushmita Gupta

Are farmers polluting the UK's water resources?

Countryside Meltdown?

Leslie Marsh

An eminent academic discusses the structural changes that farmers face.

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The Countryside Alliance

James Brown

They say they want to help the rural poor. Their opponents say they just want to help themselves!

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A countryside image (Go to Farah's article) Flooding and Farmers in Britain

Farah Mohamud

A video of a rescue helicopter saving a family is so compelling that few can ignore the drama. Welcome to Britain in floods!

Dig for Victory! (Go to Alex's article) Fighting Urban Colonialism

Alex Lousada

The future of the urban-rural relationship in the UK depends on the government perception of identity

Look to the Hills

Markus Aranko

Revolutionary ideas are brewing in the Peak District, and they'll change the way you see farming

Run to the hills! (Go to Markus's article)

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